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As part of his tour to Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on assumption of Office, the Honourable Chief Minister, Mr Jacob Jusu Saffa paid a courtesy call on the Senior Leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (MoD/RSLAF), on Friday 16th February 2021. The purpose of his visit was to highlight key roles and responsibilities of the office of Chief Minister and also familiarize himself with activities of the MoD/RSLAF in line with the Ministry’s mandate.

During his opening remarks, the Honourable Chief Minister emphasised that, he is at the Ministry of Defence to reiterate his mode of operations and style of leadership. He furthered that his result oriented approach to management helped him to effectively coordinate, facilitate and follow-up on selected activities of MDAs in the country. The Minister also stressed that, he is part of the delivery process which will ensure collective success and that MDAs should ensure service delivery and value for money. He encouraged all present that he is open to new ideas and innovative thinking that could improve on service delivery in line with the New Direction Agenda strategic concept.


In his response, the Honourable Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Retired Kelly Hassan Conteh, welcomed the Honourable Chief Minister and team on behalf of the MoD/RSLAF for his visit to the Ministry and assured him of his Ministry support and effective coordination and collaboration at all times. The Honourable Minister of Defence also emphasised on specific policy issues that focuses on Education, Health system, Agriculture and Engineering departments in the Armed Forces. He additionally talked on targeted recruitment to meet the human resource capacity in the Armed Forces and that future recruitment into the Military will be completely different from the last recruitments.


Furthermore, in a bid to update the Honourable Chief Minister over the period under review, the MoD/RSLAF Senior Management presented the following successes:

a. Boom Defence Guest House completed in 2021.

b. Construction of Maritime Base Slipway at Murray Town completed in 2021.

c. Rehabilitation of water boreholes force-wide also completed.

d. Construction of Housing units at the 5th Infantry Brigade Gondama Bo for RSLAF troops is in progress.

e. Construction of ultra-modern Single Officers Quarters and the Myohaung Officers Mess at Wilberforce Barracks is in progress.

f. Construction of Six (6) Forward Patrol Bases (FPBs) and Maritime Wing Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in progress.

g. Donation of Four (4) Inshore Patrol Crafts by the Government of South Korea through Defence Diplomacy.

h. In the year 2020, the MoD/RSLAF Agro-project acquired 250 hectares of land in Moyamba District for rice cultivation.

i. Also, in the year 2021, One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-One (1,161) hectares of land surveyed in the general area of Komrabai Mamela in the Tonkolili District for rice cultivation and another vast land acquired at Musaya in Falaba District for cattle rearing.

j. As part of the rehabilitation of the Joint Medical Unit at 34 Military Hospital and to meet the national emergency hospital capability, the construction of a 100 UAE gifted pediatric ward with road maintenance is ongoing.

k. The construction of a Medical Inspection facility at the 5th Infantry Brigade Gondama Bo was completed in 2021.

Finally, in his closing remarks, the Honourable Chief Minister highlighted with emphases on the following key areas that will:

a. Capacitate the RSLAF Engineer Regiment to a registered Construction Company that will compete for public construction contracts.

b. Capacitate the Armed Forces Agricultural Unit (AFAU) to enhance rice production for the MoD/RSLAF and the general public in support of GoSL food security efforts.

c. Capacitate the Forces Medical Service to a national emergency Level 4 Hospital.

d. Ensure the expansion of Technical and Vocational Education programmes for both serving personnel and the general public in support of GoSL human capacity building.

e. Ensure the provision of adequate accommodation facilities for serving personnel and their dependants.



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