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Calling Notice Officer Cadet Candidates of the 2019-2020 RSLAF National Recruitment Drive, to attend Interview

The Ministry of Defene (MOD)wishes to inform officer cadet candidates who were successful at the medical screening, to attend a final selection interview on Monday 16th November, 2020. Candidates aret o come along with originals of their birth certificates, identity cards, academic certificates/diplomas and/or results, and must be assembled at the MOD ground floor, Tower Hill, Freetown, at 8 am. Dress code: Military camouflage for soldiers and business for civilians.

1. WRC/2359 BAILAY Momoh Nyakey M
2. SRC/1757 BANGURA Aruna Lami M
3. SRC/1727 BARRIE Mohamed Alpha M
4. SRC/1711 BARRIE Chernor M
5. ERC/7056 BARYOH Baimba M
6. ERC/7092 CHARLES Emmanuel M
7. SRC/17921 CHARLES Joseph L M
8. SRC/1677 DABOH Silaty S M
9. WRC/2326 DAVIES Timothy M
10. ERC/7091 DIAWO Ahmed M
11. ERC/7071 CHARLES Michael M
12. SRC/1714 CHARLES Joseph L F
13. NRC/2127 FULLAH Mariama F
14. NRC/068 FULLAH Ajibu C M
15. SRC/1656 HASSIM Victoria Moses F
16. NRC/2102 HASSIM Ibrahim M M
17. ERC/7077 ISHAKA Musa Seseay M
18. CS-046/025/1656 JALLOH Adama Hawa F
19. SRC/1726 JENGO Anusumana M
20. SRC/1676 JENGOPIE Francess Mamusu F
21. ERC/7072 KABBA Aminata Kumba F
22. ERC/7096 KAIMAPO Joseph M
23. SRC/1658 KALLON Ishmael M
24. ERC/7085 KAMANOR Sahr M
25. SRC/1712 KAMARA Mohamed Boyz M
26. NRC/2080 KAMARA Lahai M
27. NRC/2118 KAMARA Ibrahim O M
28. WRC/2369 KAMARA Osman Saidu M
29. CS-010/001 KAMARA Abdulai Bendu M
30. CS-129/005 KAMARA Salieu Musa M
31. NRC/2074 KAMARA Shaka M
32. WRC/2365 KAMARA Kabba M
33. NRC/2123 KANU Alimamy K M
34. NRC/2114 KANU Alpha M
35. WRC/2361 KARGBO Emmanuel A M
36. WRC/2260 KARIM Mohamed M
37. SRC/1660 KONNEH Alhaji Foday M
38. CS-130/006 KOROMA Sorie M
39. CS-120/004 KPUNDEH Moses Sandy M
40. CS-134/008 LAKE Joseph Moses M
41. ERC/7088 LAPPIA Tejan Ngayio M
42. ERC/7070 LAVALIE Nabieu M
43. NRC/2113 MANSARAY Sheku M
44. WRC/2371 MANSARAY Andrew T Kanu M
45. NRC/2130 MARAH Lahai C. M
46. ERC/7061 MASUBA Theresa F
47. NRC/2108 MATTURI Sahr F. M
48. WRC/2338 MICHAEL Robert M
49. CS-174/019 MINAH Kangaju James M
50. SRC/1678 MUANA Zealora Aminata F
51. SRC/1710 NABIE Musa Francis M
52. NRC/2117 NDANEMA Victor M
53. SRC/1748 NGAIMA Sallieu M
54. WRC/2259 PRATT Golda Ruth F
55. SRC/1674 SALL Ibrahim M
56. SRC/1685 SAMA Edward Maada M
57. NRC/2073 SAMBA Samson K M
58. SRC/1724 SANDY Alpha M
59. SRC/1701 SANDY Solomon Junior M
60. CS-131/007 SANDY John Joe M
61. SRC/1745 SESAY Sinneh M
62. CS-106/027 SESAY Abubakarr M
63. REV Father SESAY Augustine M
64. ERC/7098 SIAFFA Timothy M
65. SRC/1679 SILLAH Zainab S F
66. CS-058/002 SINAH Marilin M
67. SRC/1675 SONGA Abdulai M
68. SRC/1650 THOMAS Martin John M
69. SRC/1694 TIFFA Abdulai Joe M
70. SRC/1695 TURAY Salmatu F
71. ERC/7067 TURAY Munya M
72. WRC/2352 WILLIAMS Joseph R Obatunde M

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